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Intro to Pole Fitness

Never taken a pole class? Not to worry, out Intro to Pole class will teach you the basics. For any fitness level, this class will help you become familiar with this popular and fast-growing workout trend. Bring your shoes, or rent them at the studio as our instructors take you through a fun, yet challenging workout, incorporating spins, floorwork, and choreography. Join us and find out what pole is really about.

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Beginner/Intermediate Pole Choreography

Your next class after mastering 'Intro to Pole,' begin your journey as you start learning more intermediate spins, climbing, and starting to become more involved with the pole as a trickster! This class is geared towards students who want to become more involved with the pole aerially, and are ready to commit to a challenging workout.
( It is recommended you attend Intro To Pole until you feel comfortable taking it to the next level).

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Pole Tricks

Learn climbs, spins, and inversions (shoulder mounts, scorpio/gemini, inverted straddle, head stands, etc. )while gaining strength & flexibility that is encouraged for more advanced pole tricks. This class is for Beginner to Advanced levels.

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Pole Fit for All Levels

This is a class for all levels including Intro. The emphasis will be on pole techniques for climbing and flipping upside down, trick-combo training, and strength building; as well as dance moves and poses.

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Spining Pole - The Basics

Learn Simple holds, climbs, and routines on a spinning pole. This class will teach you how to control the speed and momentum while spinning and ways to transition into basic spins and climbs.

Must be at the beginner or intermediate level.

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Spin Climb and Invert

In between a warm up and cool down, you will learn beginner/intermediate spins, climbs, and basic inverts. This class focuses on individual spins and tricks rather than on choreography. Class may cover single or combination spins from Fireman variations to Dislocator, climbs and on-pole poses, and basic inversions and pole tricks. Beginner to intermediate level class (sorry, not for introductory level students!); advanced students welcome, but advanced tricks will not be taught.

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Open Pole

Open pole practice for current or experienced students. Your chance to practice your fave tricks and spins (or the ones that are driving you crazy!) in an unstructured, independent practice session.

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Sexy Friday's- Pole, Floor, and/or Chair Dance

Wear your hottest outfit and let loose before the weekend or your night out. Every Friday we will bring you a different theme. You will learn a simple yet sexy pole dance and/or chair dance floor work routine. Please bring leg warmers, knee pads, or something to protect your knees. Let's dress up, dance, and play! All Levels

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Burlesque for ALL levels. This class ranges from smooth and sensual to high energy sexy! Gain body awareness (from head to toe) and utilize it to emphasize the choreography. Learn basic sexy grooves that you can take with you to the club and sensual dance routines to perform for that special someone. Wear anything that is comfortable and sexy to you! Leggings, a t-shirt, shorts, tanks, maybe red lipstick & leg warmers? What's most important is not what you wear, but that you challenge your inner diva to come out and play. Please plan to dance barefoot.

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Have you ever wanted to dance like a video vixen or like one of the pussycat dolls, just for fun? Here's your chance ...Join Anissa for a sexy workout. Her style will help with transitional moves in our pole classes, viewing your body as a temple and gaining more fluidity in your pole routines. If you've never taken a frisky dance class, here's your chance to let your inner goddess shine. All Levels Welcome. Since the class is STRIPtease, we'll be learning techniques to take it off, so bring clothing that comes off light and easy (large button-down shirt, etc.) to wear over your workout clothes.

***This class is high energy, so leave your sexy heels at home and wear comfortable workout attire.***

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Pole Conditioning

Get ready to sweat!! This high-intensity hour will get your heart rate up and kick you into "beast mode" for pole!! Plyometrics, weights, cardio, and stretching all dynamically work together to help you build endurance for those whose goal is to increase their stamina for pole. A "CO-ED" mixed level class for anyone from total beginner to advanced levels.

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$80 per hour

To schedule a private session, please contact us for availability.

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What to Wear

Preferably shorts and tank top, yoga pants if you feel more comfortable 4-6 inch exotic heels (optional)

Please do not wear oils, lotions, or jewelry.

***Must pre-register for all classes***

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